TIF and other things

I’ve been holding off with this post trying to figure out if I should bow out of SharonB‘s TIF. That may be needless concern since I’m not sure but what I have already disqualified myself. After all it is March 1 and I’m still stitching both January and February.  The months ahead look very chaotic work-wise. But if I quit I won’t take an area of stitching further. And it’s the very area I want to take further. I’ve decide to keep pressing on officially or unoffically.

For February I started working on a piece to show memory of the transition from phones that had corded handsets and plugged into walls of a room to cell phones in every pocket. And this took an interesting turn when I started looking at the difference between telephone poles dotting the landscape to cell phone towers springing up everywhere. I’ve learned probably more about them both than I needed to know. I take everything with a little grain salt when I find it on the web. They say they are making fake trees to hide cell phone towers. And in my home state of Vermont there are reports that they plan to hanging relays to telephone poles in order not to mare the landscape.  

As for March’s TIFC, I’m not sure what to do yet but it sparked a hazy memory of a poem to the effect that for the want (lack) of a nail the kingdom was lost.

My doodle to day shows another new stitch I’m practicing on.


The rest are the Mountmellick stitch with variations–still very school girl mode. This stitch reminds me so much of the Indian Edging stitch. I have so much fun exploring the stitches sometimes I dream of tracing their history through the centuries.





One Response to TIF and other things

  1. Vero says:

    I see the outline of an angel in your doodle… lovely

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