Raised chain band: Day 3

I wanted to post a few more samples on the raised chain band before I move over to another stitch that I’ve been exploring this week. I can’t promise I’m leaving the raised chain band behind, because I still see so many more experiments I’d like to try.





The next two make an interesting comparison for me. They are both worked as grid fills. The first is worked on small horizontal straight stitches in three columns. The second, on a large arrow stitch column. The middle chain is worked over both sides of the point. I wish I’d tried  a single chain with a smaller arrow stitch column. I think it would work well with curves. 



Well, you see my dilemma, I’m excited about a new stitch. And I sit pondering all these other things I could do with this one.

2 Responses to Raised chain band: Day 3

  1. Thanks for these experimentations…I like the beads on the sides!!!

  2. SewDelish says:

    I love your how-to’s. These raised chain stitches look lovely. I especially like the circle you have made with it! Thanks

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