Raised chain band: Day 2

This raised chain band has caught my fancy. I’m having so much fun with it. In today’s post you’ll see some experiments with several types thread. I didn’t get a good photograph of my circle or some of the curves I’ve done with it, but they are easy to do.



rcb2c.png  Three ply pima cotton

rcb2d.png A narrow knitted ribbon


One might almost think this sample below is a butterfly chain stitch. But it is the difference in the way the chain stitch is made that separate them, not how many straight stitches are gathered together. Many thanks to SharonB for her stitch dictionary.


The darker thread is a little thicker than a Perle 12. I didn’t like the looks of the Perle 12 bars with Perle 12 ties. But it might be the fabric I’m using is not geared for this thread.


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