More on the Eskimo edging stitch

I can’t seem to leave this Eskimo edging stitch alone. I started working on the Breton stitch again yesterday. But some how I gravitated back to the Eskimo edging stitch. Here are the samples. You will see some influence from the Breton.

Just now with a quick glance across the net I didn’t see a good stitch dictionary example of the Breton stitch so here is a sample from some of the work I did yesterday. I think Needlecrafters has this stitch but at the moment their stitch dictionary is not linking up or else there is a problem with the new browser I’m having to use. Here is a snippet from what I was doing yesterday. I’m sure you will see some of my frustration with the stitch in the sample but it will give you a clue as to how the stitch works. I was making them very close together but of course they may be spread further apart.


Now here are the Eskimo edging samples.



Below is the first sample where I actually put in the twist.




Oops, no twist here. Maybe the influence wore off.


The sample above is threaded with a green thread through the middle. The sample below is interlaced by the looped portion of the Eskimo edging stitch itself.


Update: I just hit publish and found a new comment from Marty waiting for me. If you haven’t seen it already, please do go look at a beautiful variation she has done with the Eskimo edging stitch on her most recent post on the Midsummer’s Night crazy quilt. If you’re not familiar with Marty’s blog please take time to look around I’m sure that you would find much of interest in her work.


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