Sorbello variations continued

Before I get to the sorbello stitch, I want to take time out to mention a wonderful step-by-step that Paula at The Beauty of Life has done on the Eskimo edging stitch. This is not the adaptation that I’ve been working with but the real stitch. Paula has done the step by step so that you not only see what to do to make an edge around fabric but also how to join two pieces of fabric together. So please do swing by to see, if you haven’t all ready. And if you missed seeing Bobbi’s February TIF project using the Eskimo edging stitch that I mentioned in yesterday’s post, please do consider stopping by there, too. Many thanks to both these ladies for their work with the Eskimo edging stitch. They have both been re-inspiring me on that stitch.

The sorbello continues to hold my attention. I’ve been taking the legs of the stitch at various angles and in the first sample they are at nearly a ninety degree angle.


And about one hundred and eighty degree angles below.


Then I started playing with the straight stitch angle.


In this last one my spacing is a little two far apart but I love the appearance of the stitch itself. And it stabilized this variation of the sorbello fairly well with out an extra stitch down. However, I think the stitch down might add some interest. So there is a lot more to do with this stitch. It’s just waiting for me to pick up my needle and try it.


Many thanks for all the kind comments that are coming into the blog. I’m very sorry that I’ve still not been able to send out a thank you to each person. But I do appreciate these comments so much. And I hope to be more current soon. I took a little time to get away today and went to pick up some batting and lining for a needle-book. I also looked for some beads needed for a new project with the back stitch. It was refreshing to be out and about at leisure for a few hours.


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