Eskimo edging and sorbello variations

Eskimo edging

This has been a very exciting stitching day for me. I’ve just seen Bobbi‘s work with the Eskimo edging stitch. I’m so delighted with it and its given me a whole new perspective on the stitch. If you haven’t already seen it, please do swing by and see her February TIF project using this stitch. It’s just a great piece and it really put the stitch to the test in some interesting ways because of the shape she used. Great work, Bobbi!

Sorbello variations

The sorbello stitch has fascinated me again today as I began brainstorming with it again in a few odd moments. I see some interesting developments in it. Hopefully the work has not wandered over into another stitch. The rhythm on this is so nice to work with. However, if you know this variation by some other name please do let me know. I will want to correct the post and give proper credit.


As you can see this started off normally enough with a variation of the sorbello stitch and then a certain thought started me out on the diagonal line.

Below I began to apply the idea to a horizontal line.


Some other horizontal ideas. On the purple one I change the stitching about the midpoint to capture another thought about how to do the stitch. I’m really pleased with how stable the stitch is.



Interconnected lines?


This last sample didn’t get develop at all but I think it is another variation of the sorbello. It more simply done. It needs to be put to the test with some more stitching.



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