Eskimo edging stitch: Day 4

Here are more school girl samples on the Eskimo edging stitch. I’m showing my first attempt at a circle. I’m going to be concentrating on curves and circles from now on in my trials. And after that I think this would be a fun stitch to try “off grid”. I’ve been missing my “off grid” work a lot. I had been trying to read more of the Constance Howard material before I going back to it. But perhaps I’ll take a few stabs at it again before I finish with her book.

These are the lines that I’ve edited for the post. Whether good or bad I’m not sure but I still have more lines to edit. It is so much easier to snap the photos than edit all the pictures. I seem to be running behind now that we’ve been having nice sunny days in the central valley again.






The first try at a circle.

ees5circle1.png I’d say I need a little more practice.


One Response to Eskimo edging stitch: Day 4

  1. neki rivera says:

    and your eskimo stitch!!
    i found a spirograph and have been thinking about doing some stitching with the drawings you can create .do a google on spirograph.

    neki desu

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