Eskimo edging stitch: Day 3

I’m still in school girl mode with the Eskimo edging stitch. The Eskimo edging stitch has been so much fun and very relaxing. This post has about half the samples I did today. The other half is much more exciting since it is in silks. They should be coming up in the next post or two. I still need to work on my curves and circles with this stitch.

I want to mention two comments in connection with my last post on this stitch and send out huge thank yous to both Mady at Snow Days  with her post and Mara at Applique and Embroidery in Beijing with her link in the comments for digging out more information on this stitch. if you are interested at all, I think it is well worth taking some time to check out the links they have provided. And if you are not familiar with their blogs please do take time to look around and see the beautiful stitching that they do.







In other news, I’m still working on my January TIF. My great problems are my chair legs and the chain links. I’ve just not been satisfied with any stitch I’ve tried with either of them. I’ve been putting in and taking out. As far as February TIF is concerned, my thought is on the switch from the phone tied to a wall plug to phone that goes anywhere with you. My dad and I were talking about this the evening before SharonB posted her, “What are you old enough to remember?” question for the February TIF challenge. I’ve done one sketch so far. The past few days, I’ve been brain storming on my direction. For some reason I’ve became fascinated in comparing the old telephone poles with wires to the cell phone towers.


One Response to Eskimo edging stitch: Day 3

  1. bobbi says:

    I’m also working on the TIF challenge but am mainly a beader looking for interesting edging stitches I can do without beads…in other words, regular embroidery edging stitches…can you recommend a good book or online resource? I love your eskimo edging stitch, but can’t figure out how it’s done since you’re not actually edging anything with it.

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