Eskimo edging stitch: Day 1

Due to rain and an unexpected appointment. I’m having to up a post I wasn’t planning to make until next week. I started exploring another new stitch. It has a lot in common with the sorbello that I was working on in the earlier part of this week.

This is the basic line.


Here are two grid samples I’ve had fun making.



Here I’m just trying as many things as I can think of to do with the grid. As you may notice, I’m totally in school girl mode with this stitch. I’ve samples for another full post. But hopefully, the rain will clear and I’ll be able to go ahead with my other posts.


In other news I’m still stitching on my project for SharonB’s January TIF project. There are wonderful projects that are posted on various blogs and the flickr account (Please, see SharonB’s posts for various links.). And Sharon posted the February’s TIFC today. I’m so excited. Her topic mirrored a conversation I had with my father last night. I’ve already did one preliminary sketch while I was waiting for this afternoon’s appointment. I’ll have to call my mom tomorrow and see if she can add any more details.


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