Double back stitch trials and errors

I had such a nice surprise in my mail from Paula at The Beauty of Life (much missed and not available any longer) –beautiful silk threads from Australia. Sparkles and shine are hard to capture in a photograph but this is my best efforts with the photograph. Totally unexpected and totally delightful. Many thanks, Paula.


Last week I began working on some pulled work that was based on the double back stitch. I was trying to do a staggered double back stitch. And it turned out to be a pulled chevron stitch. I still can’t find what I did wrong, but I know somehow I missed a step. I looked at the back side of the work and liked it so I stitched the pulled chevron stitch on the back of the fabric so it could be seen. I’ve been working with two other stitches that remind me of the chevron stitch and the sorbello stitch. While looking through another book this morning I found another similar stitch connected with the herringbone stitch.


Here is a double back stitch with little to no pull and then below the same pattern with a firm pull.




One Response to Double back stitch trials and errors

  1. paulahewitt says:

    Im glad you liked them! enjoy

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