Sorbello stitch: Day 2

Two words and then today’s sorbello stitch samples. First, yes, I’m still stitching on my January TIF project. And I’m still going to be stitching in February. I’ll post a progress photo in the next day or two. Secondly, I’d like to say a word of thanks to those who have recently honored me with a You Make My Day award. My thanks go out to Kate at Every Day Revelations, Tenar’s Cave, Christine at Lady Jane’s Journal. If you’re not familiar with these blogs, please take a moment to swing by and see the work these ladies are involved with. Many thanks ladies!

And now the samples of the sorbello stitch.

I stitched this sample the opposite way that I photographed it. When I saw it while editing I thought perfect for teeth of a threatening animal or the edge of a saw.



This photograph is not showing exactly what is happening as clearly as possible. Two longer legged stitches on each side are  meeting to overlapping on a smaller stitch.


The looping is version three from yesterday’s post but the stitching was done upside down. I liked this look as a little border stitch. But it is harder to stitch in this position, so I did end up switching the fabric around while I stitched.



This looping is from version one in yesterdays post. While some what unstable, I love the texture of this little line.



One Response to Sorbello stitch: Day 2

  1. Caroline says:

    Beautiful stitch work! Have you seen Jan Beaney’s Double Trouble book? I think it’s called A Tale of Two Stitches. She fills half the book with variations on the sorbello stitch. If you haven’t seen it, find a copy and take a look. It’s amazing what she does with the stitch.

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