Sorbello stitch: Day 1

The sorbello stitch is another hand embroidery stitch that I wanted to try. It popped up on a list of stitches Anne Gailhbaud suggested, too. Last week I actually had a chance to work with it. However, with all the rain, no pictures until this week. And I’m so happy to report that we actually had sunshine today in the central valley.

SharonB’s stitch dictionary has an excellent photographic step-by-step entry on the sorbello stitch. If you prefer a hand drawing, there is one on-line at Classic Stitches. As usual I seem to take off in all directions from the basic. The basic loopings that I tried are from left to right; both legs under the loop in the first, both legs over the loop in the third and the first leg under the loop and the second over the loop in the fourth (standard) way of making this stitch.


The second stitch? It is a stitch that is not at its best; I redid in the third stitch. Now, I confess the first stitch is an unstable stitch and I didn’t try the reverse order of the standard in the fourth stitch. I’m sure I will address the latter in some mirror images soon. Concerning the former, I see no way to improve the stability when the stitch is attempted this way. I wouldn’t use it on any thing that has to be washed. I would avoid using it on anything that is handled frequently, too. I do have a couple of other ideas for addtional variations that might make it more stable. In the meantime, I’ve enjoyed the texture and some lines will be popping up in some future post where I’ve put it to use.

Here are some other samples. The first one is worked the standard way as shown in the fourth sample above.


A ring worked as in the fourth sample.


Alternated stitches.  All the upside-down stitches are worked as in the fourth sample above. The right side up stitches are worked as follows from from left to right, stitched as in the third sample (twice), as in the first sample and then as in the fourth sample.


This spot is stitched as worked in third sample except both legs of the stitch use the same center point.



One Response to Sorbello stitch: Day 1

  1. Christine says:

    Elizabeth, it looks complicated but you make it sound so easy ! I’ve nominated you for a “You Make My Day” award,
    Christine in HOT Sydney Australia

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