Lines: a page from my studies 3

I’m trying to out wait the rain. I’ll post again as soon as I have new pictures. In the meantime…

I’ve been thinking about a post that Gwen Magee did near Christmas on Symbols at her blog Textile Arts Resources. I haven’t explored the list of resources in this post fully but it’s one that I keep going back to everytime I have a little spare time. Many thanks to Gwen for putting together such a great resource.

One thing my design teacher wanted me to realize was that even a simple line may hold symbolism that will convey a meaning. The color of the line definitely impacts that symbolism but a plain black line may convey some symbolic meaning.

The basic lines are stitched an labeled in the first photograph below. The vertical line tends to makes me think of spiritual things. The horizontal represents stability. A diagonal tends to convey movement and direction. When I look at the free form line I stitched it looks like calm seas; the erratic, mountains. Especially the last two lines seem to be so easy to move into something else. If I’d stitched them differently, I can imagine them conveying threatening waves and unstable conditions, respectively.


This second photograph is one of the pieces I did on lines for my design class. My teacher assigned the characteristics that the lines were to convey. I tried to stitch these lines with appropriate colors. The photo cropping and colors are a little off. The decisive and growing line looks black on my monitor but it is actually green. The creeping line is a dark gray. Prickly is a deep purple.



2 Responses to Lines: a page from my studies 3

  1. jowynn says:

    Isn’t it fascinating–how much feeling can be conveyed by a line? These are very appealing studies.

  2. Vero says:

    The orange one does have character :-)
    This sampler is really a good example of how to deal with lines.
    Thanks for sharing

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