Tete de boeuf: Day 5

With rain in the central valley and no opportunity to take pictures, I’m thankful I took extras of the tête de boeuf stitching I did last week. Here is a selection of spots and lines.

This is a spot that should perhaps be worked up into a grid. It would bring in two alternating levels of density. That generally adds interest to the grid.


I’ve not threaded this line but I’d like to try that. Perhaps it will make a reappearance.


The photograph below is another possibility for a grid. This one would lend itself to several interesting patterns. Thinking about negative areas, what if another diamond were placed at each point? Then again what would happen if a diamonds were stitched so it was a staggered half row pattern? I can also see this turning into a nice line for a border. It would be easy to turn the corner with this pattern, too.


French knots were added here.


A dense little star flower. I should have been stitching in purple again. I’m out of photographs and “what ifs” for this post. Many thanks for visiting the blog and all the kind comments I receive. I appreciate them all.



4 Responses to Tete de boeuf: Day 5

  1. Gerry says:

    Hello Elizabeth, just popping into say that I just LOVE what you do with your stitches. I follow your blog regularly and really enjoy it. You are sew creative. LOL.

    Thanks for all of the ideas and inspiration :-)

  2. threadspider says:

    There are some lovely designs in this stitch. It seems to really lend itself to symmetry.

  3. Karen B says:

    I do so enjoy your work with this stitch. I like the texture of the “star flower”, and the pattern in the light green diamond. But my favorite in today’s post is the blue zigzag. For some reason it makes me think of stars and crystals. I’m sure the color has something to do with it.
    Karen B.

  4. Nancilyn says:

    I really do love your inventive ways with the tete d’bouef stitch — well, any stitch!
    Always a joy to view your blog.

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