Stitch Exercises week 4

This stitch exercise post is coming up a little early this week. Due to rain later in the day I wasn’t able to get photographs for pulled work.

For any one who is a new visitor to this blog I’d like to take a minute to say, welcome. If you have time to explore the blog a bit, there is a welcome page to help orient you. And for those who landed here in an attempt to find out how to do a particular stitch, there is a page with a brief stitch dictionary list. Except for a few rare cases where I’ve provided a step-by-step, stitch examples are all I have here. But perhaps I can at least direct you on to some helpful information. Many thanks to all of these maintaining such valuable resources for others.

The work on this stitch exercise with the fly stitch is going slowly. This exercise is loosely based on some in Stitch Magic by Beaney and Littlejohn. I’m currently reading Stitches: New Approaches by Jan Beaney. While not reflected in my work, I’m learning more with each reading. I’m eager to finish up this second exercise so I may start another.I’ve included day 4 from the previous post for comparison.


Day 5 This photo shows weaving together the tails of the fly stitches. The fly stitches are in pima cotton; the weaving, in Perle 5.


Day 6


Day 7


I’m not sure how many days are ahead now. In some areas I’ve held off beading until more of the pattern is worked. At this point, I see two different ways to go with the pattern. One is very typical and the other, an unexpected twist. It’s probably time to sketch each in order to decide.


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