Tete de boeuf: Day 3

The tête de boeuf stitch continues to fascinate me. Ever since I’ve decided that it is a fly stitch tied down by a detached chain stitch, I’ve had no end of fun stitching with it. I hope to take it “off grid” soon but I’m happily working on counted fabric at this point.

This stitch works well in both a line and a spot. I don’t recall doing any curves with it. I need to force myself over in to that area soon.

Here are the lines.

This first line is the result of distorting the stitch a bit on the foundation rows. After that everything was just fill in the blank areas with the tête de boeuf stitches until it looked right.


Another simple distortion with mirrors both vertically and horizontally. I love these lines with plenty of room to embellish.


The next lines are modified Indian edging stitches or tête de boeufs on a foundation. In the first the stitch is mirrored with a few straight stitches added to make the points. If I had this to do over again. I would probably make smaller loops and maybe change the forty-five degree angle to something like a sixty degree angle. Just a few little changes once the basic pattern is worked out makes a huge difference. Another great thing to do with this is to mirror the row. It looks like it could be mirrored either way with a good pattern resulting. Now I really want to get out my needle and thread again.


I like the negative space in this line. It looks like it could be fun to embellish, too.


And a spot with a few French knots added.



One Response to Tete de boeuf: Day 3

  1. alexandrine says:

    Hello, I simply love the playfulness of your designs. Watching your embroideries is very inspiring. Please keep posting! A.

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