Stitch Exercises week 3

I’m in the process of reading Jan Beaney’s Stitches: New Approaches. I’m definitely doing a slow read on this. There is not a lot of text but there is a lot to think about. The stitch sketches and the photographs of the work are nicely arranged together. I was surprised that she had one page dealing with back stitch. I’m looking forward to taking that stitch “off grid” once I’m better acquainted with it.

Most of the samples that Jan deals with show one stitch with its variations used through out the piece. It has made me laugh over my own work because in my “on grid” pieces that is what I’ve often done when studying a stitch. My results, however are very different than the primarily “off grid” samples pictured in this book.

Below is one “on grid” piece with the Indian edging stitch and it’s variations. While there are back, detached chain and straight stitches in the sliver that I photographed, the Indian edging stitch is the central stitch throughout the whole piece.


Here are my “off grid” exercises with the fly stitch, day 3 and 4 respectively. I plan six more days, if I remember to take my photographs at the various stopping points.




One Response to Stitch Exercises week 3

  1. waouh ! it’s marvellous ;o)
    did you try the various styles of maroccan’s embroidery ? they haven’t back either front , it’s beautyfull on both sides !!!
    I wait for your reply ;o) and thank you for your site !!!
    biz breizh from Fée

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