TIF and Tete de boeuf: Day 2

January TIFC update

Where am I with SharonB’s January TIFC? I’ve got the drawing outlined, cloth marked and stitches and colors decided. Roughed in words–more work needed there. I’m going to start stitching as fast as I can go in a day or two.

I’m not totally satisfied with what I’ve done. But the time element of the challenge is kicking in. This is sketch is done from my software program and the alphabet is one from their stock library. I have an alphabet I made up several years ago but it is too large, I need to scale it down or do an new one.

The one other thing that is not probably not adequate in this sketch is the linking chain idea. That is worked out in my mind and noted with the stitches. I doubt if I’ll come back into my program to redo those areas.


Tête de boeuf stitch

I’ve had more fun with this stitch today.

A line. Maybe I could see a row of tulip in this, if a few stems were added.


A line.


A line: step one.


A line: step two.


A line with beads. I’m not sure why they are so dull in the photo. They are sparkly in person.


A spot. I love the texture and feel of this spot and can see it making a great grid. However, because of the density it distorted my cloth a little.


A small diamond spot. I see a great potential for grid in this, too. It could also work nicely into a line with a cross stitch or bead in between each diamond. More thoughts to stitch than I have time to stitch. I need to remember to journal more than my TIFCs.



One Response to TIF and Tete de boeuf: Day 2

  1. Susan says:

    Again, interesting ways of using this stitch, and changing it. I like the one with the beads. I think the camera can’t pick up the sparkle because it’s missing a dimension the eye has. Paul and I have talked about this before. No matter how great a camera, or how great a picture you take, there’s always something missing that the eye sees.

    Now, occasionally, the camera sees something that we don’t see with our eyes, and that is usually because we aren’t looking at the whole picture. It also helps me with color. I will often snap pics of my border fabric auditions and look at that instead of the real thing, because I can more easily see what works.

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