Tete de boeuf: Day 1

When I was working with the Indian edging stitch last time, I became interested in the unsophisticated little stitch called the tête de boeuf or the bull’s head stitch. And I have been using a closed rather than an open detached chain stitch as shown in the diagram referred to in the previous post. This is the stitch as diagrammed in The Encyclopedia of Stitches edited by Karen Hemingway. The more I’ve hunted the more names and ways of doing this stitch I’ve found.

This is the stitch and my journey toward one way of transforming it.


A line.


Diagonal and mirrored.


Vertical two headed mirrored.


A transformation into my butterfly. A total of four straight stitches were added; two to make the antenna and two to add filling to the upper portion of the wings. The overlap of the mirrored image is two threads.



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