Past work

I was working on some old things today and though I’d post a couple of them here today. Stitches: New Approaches by Jan Beaney was in my mail box today. So once my Saturday chores were done I spent most of my time there. Many thanks again to Susan Lenz for her recommendation.

These pieces are from five to seven years ago. You can see that black work was a big influence at that time. I’ve never lost my love for darning patterns either. The blue pieces are 100/3 silk on Monaco. The red piece is on 40-count linen. I think most of the threads are silk. I thought all of them were until I was working with this piece today. Now, I’m not sure, but think there is some cotton floss, too.



This last piece reminded me of the frustration I was feeling at that time about fabric. With counted thread it is hard to escape the square. I think this piece and a few others fueled my move toward some “off grid” work. You may notice I was attempting to minimize the elongated shape of the star like flower in this pattern.


I would like to acknowledge another You Make my Day Awards from Cheryl of Cheryl’s Chatelaine. Thank you so much for the honor, Cheryl. I’m sorry that this only came to my attention recently and after I’d written my original post. If you’re not familiar with Cheryl’s blog please do take time to swing by and see it. She’s involved with SharonB’s TIF challenge, too.


2 Responses to Past work

  1. Deepa says:

    Lovely, Elizabeth. Now you’ve inspired me to try out blackwork too. What do you do with your finished pieces?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Deepa, this is only a very beginning black work. I’ve not done any of the beautiful shading this type of work is capable of displaying. These are samples that I was stitching while on vacation in Vermont a number of years ago. I did them because it was simple enough to work at the kitchen table while visiting with my mom and aunt.

    The blue pieces probably have a number of uses. They could be used as the tops of a pincushion like I showed in a post not too long ago. They might be inserted into the top of a box for keepsakes or jewelry. They could be attached into another piece and enlarged upon for framing or put into quilt blocks. I think they would also work well for the decorative side of a pot holder or hot mat.

    The red piece is really just a trial or doodle cloth. However it could easily be incorporated into a larger piece for framing. I think it could make a nice needle case cover. There is enough material around it to make the back cover, leaving it plain or embellishing that, too.

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