Back stitch and the festoon pattern

Another Constance Howard update: JoWynn of Parkview 616 gave a lovely tribute to Constance Howard and another of her books, Inspiration for Embroidery. If you haven’t seen this already I encourage anyone who has been following the discussion that SharonB started to swing by and see this post and also if you haven’t caught Kay Susan‘s updated post on Constance Howard, please do that. Kay Susan has provided some great links. Many thanks to all of these ladies! Everything I’m learning about Constance Howard makes me wish to learn more.

The back stitch is the stitch used for a great number of pulled fabric patterns. One of those is the festoon pattern. As with many pulled stitches you don’t have to pull, but may use it for a stitch pattern. The samples in today’s post show a bit of work with both kinds of stitching.

The simplest way to show the basic pattern it by this unpulled piece.


A couple of fill patterns.



Mirrored with various degrees of overlap starting at the top where the pattern is completely over lapped.


Pulled work




2 Responses to Back stitch and the festoon pattern

  1. Vero says:

    OH! I like the pulled work!

  2. MargB says:

    Hi Elizabeth
    I must endorse the comments regarding Constance Howard – I have her book on colour and love her work and way she describes it. I must start to haunt the sec ondhand shops for the others.
    I like the pulled work you have done with festoon stitch – now I have another stitch to play with. I have been trying out various pulled thread stitches as they can give such effective backgrounds for emphasising negative space.


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