Stitch Exercises week 2

I think I’ve finished the “on grid” exercise that I started working on last week. And I’ve an update on the “off grid” piece, too. But I’m still working there. These are exercises I made up for myself to explore some of the concepts I’ve found in Stitch Magic by Beaney and Littlejohn.

And concerning that book I’ve received a thoughtful comment from Susan Lenz at Art in Stitches. As I told Susan, it way beyond my highest hopes for the feed back that would be helpful to me and visitors to my blog. So if you’ve been interested in that book, please pop over to the post here and read her comment. She has read both Stitch Magic and another book by Beaney and Littlejohn besides the one that she most highly recommends by Jan Beaney, Stitches: New Approaches. Susan, thank you so much for taking the time to write such an informative comment. If you’ve not looked in on Susan’s blog, please do swing by and see her work. I’ve been enjoying my visits to see her work on the Elements in Blue series and many other works in progress. There is an on-line gallery of her work here.

Turning back to the stitch exercises, I tried expanding the free form line of pink to purple fly stitches and then reoriented the design so that line moved from left to right across the area in a more diagonal direction on day 3.


Day 4 I added a few more stitches so that the triangle at the top left wouldn’t seem to float so much. That detracts a little from the triangle shape I wanted there. On the other hand, it seemed to mirror the purple line on the right a little more. The balance is not perfect in this piece, but I plan to put it away for now.


Day 2 with the “off grid” exercise. This seems to call out for more work. So I want to see what I might do .



4 Responses to Stitch Exercises week 2

  1. Susan Lenz says:

    Thanks so very much for the nice comments and links. I’ll look forward to reading how your work progresses and to how you respond to the new book.

  2. Vero says:

    My first book by J Beaney and J Littlejohn was a sketch in Time. I bought it ages ago, and was not that impressed. In the meantime, I’ve work a lot developping my embroidery skills through SharonB’s challenges and courses, and Susan Sorrell’s courses and I have rediscovered a Sketch in Time. Since then I’ve bought Grids to Stich, Double vision, Connections, Red, A Tale of Two Stitches and Embellish and Enrich. It was love at first sight with Tale of Two Stitches and Connections. I like the other ones too, though. Have not yet opened the Embellish and Enrich (I’ll fetch my embellisher at the end of the week). I read them again and again, and depending on my mood, or the subject I’m working on, I keep discovering things I had not seen at the first time. They are now a reference. Just my opinion.

  3. Susan says:

    I like the reorientation, and the anchoring of the triangle. It might not be where you want it yet, but it is headed in the right direction, I think. Putting it away for a while is probably a good idea. I know that when I come back to something with fresh eyes, I often see what I was missing before, almost instantly.

  4. Karen B says:

    You may be seeing triangles, but I keep seeing butterflies. I enjoy that piece very much.

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