You make my day award

Many thanks to Neki, SharonB, Annie and Susan for this award.


The awards rules are to “Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Beware! You may get the award several times!

You ladies made my day. And the award, as I wrote to Neki, is coming right back to you as soon as I can find the other nine. Sharon, and Annie just lightened my selection process a little. And Susan pushed me over the limit of ten but please see the update below.

I’m just naming a handful of my on-line friends, acquaintances or fellow bloggers who bring me happiness, inspire me and make me smile. Please visit and look around any of the blogs you’re not already familiar with; perhaps it will add an extra measure of inspiration to your day.

Neki at a movable feast
SharonB at Pintangle formerly In a minute ago
Annie at Annies Crazy World
Susan at Crazy Quilting for Fun
Vivian at vivian-in stitches
Carol-Anne at Threads across the Web
Kim at SkybellArts @ Blogger
Paula at The beauty of life
Susan at Art In Stitches
Mara at Applique and Embroidery in Beijing
Kris at kris’s color strips

Best wishes to you all in the year ahead. Please feel free to pass on the award to others or not, just as you please.

Update: I’ve just found that I was also tagged for this award by Susan at Crazy Quilting for Fun today. So I’ve added her name and blog to all the appropriate places above and asked her forgiveness.


One Response to You make my day award

  1. Susan Lenz says:

    It’s Sunday…at least for another hour and a half…I spend Sunday in my studio…all day…from after a leisurely breakfast over a Suduko (success) and crossword puzzle (unsuccessful) until dinnertime. I rarely check my email or my blog before leaving the house. I return only after my darling husband calls to say that dinner is on the table. Yes, this is my one total day of luxury…and creativity.

    So, just moments ago, I checked my email. The first comment I opened was yours; and although I am thrilled with the “Make My Day” award (Thank You so much!), your recent posts truly have captured my attention. You’ve just read “Stitch Magic”…and your posts seem to be talking about working with one stitch and exploring its infinite possibilities…and this is very, very familiar to me.

    Why? I’ve read it before in another book….Jan Beaney’s “Stitches: New Approaches”. If memory serves me correctly, this book is out of print. My copy indicates that it was published by B.T. Batsford Limited in London in 1985 with paperbacks coming out in 1987 and reprinted once in 1989. I had to pay $35 for my paperback copy. The ISBN number is 0-7134-5732-5. To be honest, I don’t generally read most of the books I purchase. Like many, I intend to do so, have promised myself to do so, start a regime to do so….and then give up. I look at the pictures. Yet, I’ve read most of this book….mainly filled with black and white illustrations….because the concept of using a single stitch, exploring its infinite possibilities, and unifying a work through stitch is so brilliant.

    Anyway, do try to get your hands on this book. It is a wonderful, eye-opening text. The gist of it seems to be exactly the exploration you are embarking upon. Obviously, from “Stitch Magic” (which I also adore), you know that Jan Beaney is pure genius. One of the “Double Trouble” (Jan and Jean) duo’s pamphlet styled books, A Tale of Two Stitches, does this same sort of stitch exploration using just two stitches (cretan and some other one that I can’t remember right now). It is good, but “Stitches: New Approaches” is much, much better and forces readers to really look at the textural, linear, abstracted, and free-form ways in which one, single stitch can be effectively used.

    Well, I hope this is the sort of comment you were expecting for the journey you are undertaking with the fly stitch!

    Thanks again for the “Make My Day” award.

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