First back stitch explorations continued

I want to continue with a few more samples from my beginning back stitch explorations in today’s post. At the moment I plan on doing one more post on the back stitch this week. The following posts will be on stitching exercises as I work through some of the material from Stitch Magic by Beaney and Littlejohn and then a page from my journal with what I’ve been working on in SharonB‘s FITC. I’m going to be re-starting the Indian edging series to do at least one more post next week.

I’m sure that things will fall into a pattern as the blog continues to transition out of the TSTC year. I plan to continue exploring the back stitch but I’ll be throwing some much shorter stitch explorations into the mix.

Yesterday, I had some blurry pictures. One was the herringbone pattern created on the back of the fabric when doing the double back stitch. The front is on the left and the back is on the right. My apologies for the change in orientation.

1over3double.png 2over4unstagrdback.png

The other blurry picture that I left out of yesterday post is this one showing the back of the fabric (right) on the initial back stitch line and it’s corner. I’d decided that the picture just wasn’t that necessary. But due to some of the work I did to day, I retook the picture.

1over3ncornerfrt.png 2over3ncornerback1.png

When a sharp corner is turned with the back stitch that one diagonal stitch shows up on the back side in the corner. I was able to use that to advantage today with some border work. This is possibly something I should have known. I’ve not checked my embroidery books. But since I stumbled into it and didn’t remember it, it was interesting to me. In the samples below, the front side (first) are angled back stitches, the back (below) shows the developing pattern of staggered double back stitches. You will see on the front side I began to play with threading the stitch line and on the last sample beaded.



I’m probably going to do more work on the back to thread or otherwise add decoration next week.

On this sample below I’ve threaded the back stitches with a looping pattern. The white back stitches are already in place for my finishing edge. It is for folding the fabric rather than joining two pieces of fabric in this particular case.


Below is a sliver of a work I have in process where the light beads are used between the diagonal double back stitches.


A very simple decoration between two back stitch rows.



One Response to First back stitch explorations continued

  1. For us readers and bloggers of your Quieter momentsyours samplersare interesting; we win time of testing and ideas. I like the embeaded back stitches.It’s sophisticated.
    The possibilities of every stitch are unlimitedIncredible embroidery!

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