Lines: a page from my studies 1

It’s exciting to think that SharonB‘s 2008 Take it Further challenge (TIF/TIFC) is now underway. Sharon has detailed the January challenge. I’ve got my color chips out and have already been thinking about the “someone you admire” concept. At this point, I’ve decided to post as I go along in the process. I’m going to be working on some ideas this week and plan the first post for next Tuesday (usa, west coast). I’m looking forward to all the TIF posts that will be springing up both in blogs I visit now and those new-to-me that have joined in Sharon’s challenge.

Since the TIF challenge is focusing on design this year, I’m reviewing material from work I did in 2006. This gives me a refresher and reduces the some of the stitch samples I might otherwise be doing. I have a concern about how much stitching time I’m committing to with TIF and some of my other projects that are getting underway now that I’ve finished working on TSTC. I hope you enjoy seeing these exercises that I plan to post about once a week.

Please, keep in mind I’m not an expert or a teacher in this area. I’m a student. I’m not planning to or qualified to write at any depth about the issues in the exercises. They are merely exercises that helped me think about what a needle and thread on a ground (fabric) could do.

Today’s page is from a restricted exercise. I basically had to show motion and speed with one long straight line and three to five much shorter straight lines.











I’m not sure why such simple things always makes me think, “what if”. What would I choose to help amplify the meaning. What color, value, weight and texture for threads? What stitches to use? What fabrics? No wonder I like exercises where my options are limited.


3 Responses to Lines: a page from my studies 1

  1. marty52 says:

    I love the soar and stop ones… cool exercises! I’m off to read about the challenge… whoopee!

  2. paulahewitt says:

    Hi Elizabeth – this looks interesting – are they excercises you have developed for yourself, or are you working from a book or class?

  3. sharonb says:

    I love these exercises – makes me want to drag out Illustrator (the software I use) and just draw/design all day
    I wanted to say I tagged you on my blog for the “you make my day award” but got side tacked reading LOL

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