Finishing up TSTC 2007

There was enough sun in the valley for me to get some normally editable photos this afternoon. The photographs in today’s post should prove a little more useful for understanding the Spanish feather stitch than yesterday’s. I think I’ve titled three posts, “Finishing up TSTC week …”. Today I’m not only finishing up TSTC week 52, but finishing up Sharon b‘s 2007 TSTC.

My thanks go out to Sharon for the challenge and to all those involved in the challenge this year. My thanks to all the visitors who have stopped by the blog. If you feel sad that TSTC is finishing up, please check out the blogs of some who heard about TSTC late in the year. I’ve seen several people mentioning that they will be continuing to work on TSTC stitches this year. I’m looking forward to seeing their work and being re-inspired by these stitches.

So what did those samples from yesterday post really look like?






This is another of with my experiments with couching felt.


Best wishes to all for the new year.


2 Responses to Finishing up TSTC 2007

  1. jowynn says:

    I enjoyed the filtered photos, but the actual samples are splendid. Very creative.

  2. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful and inspirational embroidery experiments in 2007 – and wish you a happy and creative 2008!

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