Off and on grid with the Spanish feather stitch

It’s near to freezing these mornings in the central valley but we’ve been having a few sunny days here. I took sample photographs much earlier than usual because of it. I’ve finally been able to work with the rhythm of this stitch and enjoy the pattern of it. On the back of the fabric it produces a nice neat look, too.

To keep control of the stitch I’ve had to bring the needle up through the fabric very close to the loop of the last to begin of the next stitch. On the finer thread between a Perle 12 and 8, I’ve had to keep the stitch very narrow. I’m going to try so more experiments with that type of thread later to see if I can get any more play out of it.

I have also been slowly working on curves and circles. The two photos below reflect some of the fun I’ve been having as I tackle that work.



Below are photographs of some other “off grid” work. The first photo shows the use of a mirror image and a tiny detached chain stitch. In the second I’ve used straight stitches and French knots.



“On grid” work using various threads range from something close to a Perle 12 to approximately a Perle 5.





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