More work on the Spanish feather stitch

Work has been progressing on the Spanish feather stitch today. I’m finally understanding more about how to control the thread and keep the stitch stable. Unfortunately, much of the progress was made after taking the photographs for today’s post.

The samples in today post focus on threading and combinations with other stitches more than perfecting the stitch itself. This stitch is holding my attention and I think I have much more to learn about it. All the samples in this post are “off grid” work.


My apologies for the washed out colors in the photo below. The olive thread is threaded and wrapped around the loops.


My practice on curves and circles.


In the photo below is another way I tried threading around the loops. I was also working on a gradual increase in the size of the stitch. It was interesting to work on; I like the texture. But it needs to be buried in the middle of some other work. It’s nothing I’d use for a border as I would some of the other samples posted today.



Turning the corner, I thought I’d mention two of the books that are influencing my stitching plans for next year. These are not books that I’m recommending because I think my knowledge of what is available in the field of needlework is far too limited. But they are books I benefited from reading.

One of the books I’ve mentioned several times this year is Stitch Magic by Beaney and Littlejohn. I plan to blog about some of the work I’ve outlined for myself due to exercises suggested in that book. Another book concerning the work of Martha Mood came to my attention this year. While her work and subject material is not my style, her use of applique fascinates me. As a result I’ve been reading about applique and plan to do a series of posts on that subject. I’ve not decided if I will blog my work as I learn or only point to some on-line resources I’ve found helpful. Maybe I need to do a bit of both.


2 Responses to More work on the Spanish feather stitch

  1. Vero says:

    Your experiments are wonderful and very inspiring.
    And I’m eager to see what you have done from the book of Beaney and Littlejohn.

  2. paulahewitt says:

    Thanks for the book ideas – I enjoy reading and I’ve not seen these. I think next year you should blog your work as well as point to online resources – i enjoy seeing what you do!

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