The chained bar in school girl mode

Isn’t is just like me to be a school girl mode with this week’s stitch, the chained bar, just in time to get out for the holidays. I don’t know what sent me into this more experimental mood for this last post. But I had fun trying out various materials.

The hard thing about it is that none of the experiments are up to snuff in one way or another. I was almost thinking it was a good thing that Photoshop Elements balked on me and that posting was not a good idea. However, when I gave it another try, I tricked it into opening for me. So here are the experiments.

A ribbon where unfortunately the cooper thread wasn’t able to hold the angle I was working with so there is a little slippage.


In the photo below, I loved the sparkles. The blue cord is very fat and firm but the cooper thread failed to hold up under pressure. I think I may need a cooper cord or braid. I need to hunt up my gold cord and see if that does the job. Gold might be prettier anyway.


With those two disappointing trials I switched to other materials.

Petite Very Velvet with woven chain couching.


Perle 5 using the same color thread for couching as the middle couched thread.


Then I began my felt experiments–couching felt to felt? That is what I tried. I don’t have any felt on hand to make something with a large contrast to the background but this was a lot of fun. The straight strips of felt were thin; they laid flat and curved very well. I didn’t go as far as finding out the breaking point with them. However, I’m going to definitely try more experiments with them.



Merry Christmas!


I’m on holiday and will be posting again the day after Christmas (usa, west coast).


4 Responses to The chained bar in school girl mode

  1. Susan says:

    I’m wondering if adding some beads in just the right place would get the thread in picture 1 to stay where you want it. I like the color against that blue ribbon. The other experiments are interesting, too. I wouldn’t have thought to use felt that way, but it looks great.

  2. Coral-seas says:

    I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed watching your TAST stitching. I love the approach that you took to the challenge and have found your experiments fascinating.

    Congratulations on all that you achieved.


  3. marty52 says:

    Merry Christmas, Elizabeth! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas you have generated this year with your inspired stitching! I’m so looking forward to your work in 2008.

  4. jowynn says:

    Love the wreath, and all your experiments. What a year you have had with your needle and thread!

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