More with the chained bar

I tried to work on curved and circular chained bars but I honestly didn’t make much headway. Maybe it’s the holiday mood but I’ve just been relaxing and enjoying this stitch.




Below is the only full circle I tried. Not exactly successful, but it give me something to practice on in the next few days.



The photo below shows how I stitched this little doodle…


but when I was editing the photo I wondered if it should look like this instead.


It seems like if I put some light blue lines and a few short yellow lines of thread I could make a sunset or sunrise scene with trees or some growing “thingsoutlined against the horizon.

After two great suggestions in comments yesterday, I’m off to see if I can turn yesterday’s green circle into a Christmas wreath. My thanks go out to Maureen and Karen for a great idea!


One Response to More with the chained bar

  1. paulahewitt says:

    Eliazbeth – your last photo is another miniature world! I am always amazed at how good a few ‘simple’ stitches can look!

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