TSTC Week 51: The chained bar

Today’s post has a couple of “on grid” samples from some work I did about a year ago on chained bars. Because of the gray, close to rain weather here I couldn’t do much new work on the bars today. Sharon b announced the chained bar and the Spanish feather stitch as TSTC stitches for weeks fifty-one and fifty-two respectively. If you haven’t dropped by her blog to see it yet please do. She’s done great step-by-steps for both stitches.

I remember what challenging fun the chained bars were last year and apologize for these of you who are seeing some of this work again. I consider it a couching technique so my posts will be mounting up in that category this week.


A small variation in the chain and on hiding some of it behind the bar. I’ve done a few more samples along this line today. However, it was in time to photograph them.





Now I need to turn my attention to another matter. JoWynn had tagged me for a meme earlier in December. I promised to do it and some how it flew right out of my mind until yesterday morning. I felt so badly and emailed JoWynn apologizing and promising to do it. I don’t want to fail to follow through this time. I’m warning you that it’s probably more fun for me to think through than for you to read through.

When JoWynn tagged me she said “Elizabeth I hope you will come out from behind your stitches and show us some of yourself.” I count her as one of my good on-line friends and I realize in some ways she’d made a valid point. I’ve done away with my about page in favor of a welcome page. I think I’ve done only one other meme that let others know a little about myself.

Despite what may seem like some evidence to the contrary this last week, I really do want to keep the stitches front and center. I don’t work at that, it’s just my own focus and perhaps my natural tone or bent. Sometimes I see far too much of myself coming out in comments I make along the way. Please feel perfectly free to skip on to another blog if you don’t care for this type of thing. But here it is for those of you who would join in with JoWynn’s wish.

Jobs I’ve had: a bit of everything with a strong current of investigation and co-ordination running through everything I do.

Films I’d watch over and over and TV shows I watch: I don’t do film or TV. I love the Bible. I’ve found it bears reading and re-reading. When I’m stitching I listen to classical music, audio books, sermons and lectures except during those times when I must put all my attention on the stitching. I love the sound of silence, too.

Places I’ve lived: central Vermont, central Ohio and central California. My dad worked in state government so that’s why the word “central” plays a part in the first two locations. Central California? No reason known to me.

Favorite foods: This category made me laugh because every item except one specifies color. And as to the exception in my book the only credible color for broccoli is green. Ruby red grapefruits, sweet red peppers, red potatoes and broccoli. I’m not a vegetarian like my sister, but I could probably happily be one.

Favorite colors: I love color but I also love black and white along with the gray scale. I don’t notice any partiality in myself. But I’m aware of some things I avoid because of problems photographing the finished product.

Places on earth I would love to be right now: sitting in the kitchen table at my grandparent’s Vermont farmhouse talking with my mom an aunt or walking in and out among the sheep and the barns. Or I’d enjoy being in New Jersey visiting my design teacher and seeing her work in person. Maybe visiting my sister and a couple of other good friend that live away. I’m pretty happy where ever I am. I love to travel and don’t mind going by myself. A good thing since I’ve not married.

Names I love but would not use for my children: The last sentence is a dead give away about this question since it must be all supposition. I suppose I would give my husband the right to name each child. Not that I’m saying I wouldn’t voice my opinion about a name. I know myself too well to say that!

I’m not sure who to tag next. If anyone would like to take on this meme, please do. Thanks!


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