The berry stitch and chain

I did some more work on the berry stitch as well as a brief step by step on what I’m calling at the moment a berry chain (for previous post).

In the berry stitches, I played around with my 100/3 silks to see how they would cope with the stitch. The results follow.

tstc50e1003dots.png tstc50e1003line.png


A few more samples where I’m back at work with my more usual pima cotton thread.



And my poor little crooked line.


The next section is a quick berry chain walk through.

I started off the berry stitch as per the normal instructions Sharon b provided in her introduction for TSTC week 50. It’s when I got to the point of making the tie down for the second detached chain stitch that I varied the stitch and inserted the needle back in the same place I’d just come from.


This loop develops into the first loop for the detached chain stitch of the second berry stitch. So it works like a regular detached chain stitch and is not pulled through to the back side but caught…


…and tied down.


To begin the second stitch of the second berry stitch the needle is inserted above the tie down of the smaller (first) detached chain stitch of the first berry stitch. And then the thread is pulled all the way through.


Next the needle is reinserted into the same place it appeared from and the thread is caught just under the tie down for the first detached chain stitch that makes up the second berry chain. This thread is now in position to make the next detached chain stitch which will be the first detached chain stitch of the third berry stitch chain.

bcstep4.png And so the process is repeated to form the berry chain. I hope the words don’t seem to confusing. My apologies if they are; perhaps just looking through the pictures is better. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any question about what I attempted to do or if you know the identity of this stitch.


One Response to The berry stitch and chain

  1. Vero says:

    You have made beautiful berries. I like the row where they look like earrings.

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