The berry chain stitch

First of all, I’d like to say thank you for all the very kind and encouraging comments  that I received today and yesterday, too. You all have really lifted my spirits. I’d not been at my computer all day due to a very heavy schedule. I was so encouraged by reading through everything that was waiting there for me late this evening. Many thanks.

Today when I was working on this berry stitch, I was trying to do something more with it and came up with this concept of turning it back into a chain stitch.

I had to smile when I was editing my pictures tonight. I was so side tracked by the idea that I left off stitching this feathered berry stitch sample right in the middle of the stitch. Sometimes I can be so scatterbrained.

tstc50drightinthemiddle.png  The dot of green on the right is the loop of thread that is suppose to be pulled down to make the second detached chain of the berry stitch. I evidently never gave it another thought once I got the idea of this berry chain stitch.

There is an “on” and “off” grid version. Perhaps, the sizing is actually better on the “off” grid version. But it is fun to do and makes a nice thick chain.



I tried making a quick step by step but my pictures are not good. I’ll try to retake them and post by Saturday evening (usa, west coast). I’ve been looking in my books to see if I can find something like it, but I’ve not had the time to do a proper search or look on line. If you know this stitch by another name or a similar, please let me know. I’d be very grateful.

The rest of the samples are here.


Here is a three-fourths berry stitch used to make this trillium shape.



This idea was inspired by Annie at Annies Crazy World. Thank you so much Annie!


2 Responses to The berry chain stitch

  1. Susan says:

    Wow, wonderful, wonderful ideas! It seems one could make an entire block or more with variations on this stitch!

  2. Annie W says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I know which stitch inspired your last sample and it is facinating to see how different your interpretion looks and what a sweet, pretty stitch it is

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