This and that in berry stitches

My post for today is still concentrating on the berry stitch. I’ve continued to work away without any inspiration. Some say something to the effect that, steady plodding brings results. I’m taking that approach by faith with this stitch. I have more than enough samples for today’s post. I’m going to try to find the best and hope inspiration hits before I post again.




Somehow I think the sample above should work well in a repeating pattern. It might help if the end stitches and the center stitches were in a contrasting color. If nothing else inspires me this may be at least a starting point for further explorations.

I did get carried away trying to do something with a vine that I created “off grid” here.

tstc50cvine.png tstc50cswirls.png tstc50cvine3.png

I took it on grid, in the second photo. I liked that fairly well although I think it works better horizontally that vertically. It would be fun to experiment with a different color or thread weight for the berry stitch. Instead I tried the vine once more before I gave up on it. It needs a thinner thread for either the inner berry stitches or the outer curves so they don’t have to move out so far from the center. Another solution would be elongating the curve. I think this one is fourteen threads long. If I made it eighteen or twenty perhaps that would be enough to give it a more graceful appearance. Another possibility is to slant the berry stitch. Well it getting late, I’d better stop playing the “what if…” game and get this published as is.



4 Responses to This and that in berry stitches

  1. neki rivera says:

    the vines are great, i can see them in clusters taking over the whole surface!
    the above violet sample makes a great border.

    neki desu

  2. Vivian says:

    As always, lovely work!
    Thank you for posting the ‘family’ stitches belong too. I’ve attempted to do this for my binder … this will be a big help.

  3. Marjorie says:

    I was clearing and sorting papers this weekend and I came across a pile of print outs from your blog and it reminded me how much I’ve been enjoying your creativity this year. Not only are your stitch variations very inventive and interesting, I also love your color and fiber choices. Hence the printouts for inspiration. Thanks, Marjorie

  4. Susan says:

    I love all the things you did with this stitch. I especially like the one you think is too … tight? I love the look of it!

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