Day 2 with the berry stitch

Yes, the second day with the berry stitch and I’m struggling with ideas. Nothing is inspired. I’m just filling up my sample fabric with school girl ideas and hoping that in time something will spring up inside of me and I will understand how to use this stitch more effectively. I’ve already stitched enough school girl trials for another post beyond this one. Is it my patience or my persistence that is being tried?

Here are the samples. Perhaps they will inspire someone else.

This first group is my school girl exercises working with the both the inside and outside detached chain stitches that make up the berry stitch and how it relate to each other.



Then I thought why not more than one tie down. Since I certainly didn’t exhausted all the possibilities in this concept with one effort, perhaps I should come back to this idea later in the week.


I did try this one experiment using multiple tie downs in the midst of other ideas in the sample below.


The rest of these samples are simple “off grid” doodles.





Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. I appreciate your visits. Many thanks to those of you who leave so many kind comments of encouragement. I enjoy the questions, too. Please feel free to ask one at any time.


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