TSTC Week 50: The berry stitch

This fiftieth week of Sharon b‘s TSTC is set aside for the berry stitch. It is composed of two detached chain stitches. The second encompasses the first. Sharon has written up a great introduction to this stitch with helpful suggestions as well as a step-by-step.

As you may notice I’m putting the berry stitch into the category “detached chain stitch”. I will plan in the next week to add my categories on the TSTC stitch family page when the stitch does not have its own category. I will do the same for a few other stitches, such as last week’s pistil stitch that I placed in the “French knot” category.

All the samples in today’s post are “off grid” except the last one. My camera is still not working up to par, but the reason is eluding me.

tstc50aalternate.png tstc50aflower.png




As I turned my attention to this week’s stitch, I found that about a year ago in previous trials I’d misunderstood how to do this stitch and made an accidental variation. I tried to correctly execute everything above, but thought I’d post the variation since I might try using it sometime later this week.



2 Responses to TSTC Week 50: The berry stitch

  1. Vero says:

    You are quick, and this is beautiful as well as inspiring!
    Thank you for sharing

  2. Ati says:

    Very nice again, thank you for the ideas :)

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