Finishing up TSTC week 49

These are the last few samples that I’ll be posting on the pistil stitch. There has been a learning curve for me with this stitch. And the last thing I’ve learned about it is the difference made by the way the thread is wrapped for the knot. I’ve taken advantage of that knowledge as I worked on some of these samples. I wish I’d understood that better when I began the week. But that, of course, is just the point of these samples.

Time, work and patience for some things. Inspiration, imagination and intuition for others. Speaking of inspiration, I’ve been inspired by some of those who have been in Sharon b‘s classes and are joining in the TIFC. As I’ve been working down the list in her recent post, it has been a delight to find so many new-to-me blogs and the great work being done in so many fields of embroidery, quilting and surface design. I just can’t put in to words how encouraging this is to me. It’s exciting to see how many are joining in and to anticipate more who will probably be on board in the next few weeks.

On to the samples in today’s post. In most I was focusing on circles and curves. A couple of lines are thrown in at the end for good measure. There are two “off grid” samples and the rest, “on grid”.








One Response to Finishing up TSTC week 49

  1. Vivian says:

    Love the pink scroll design with the long extension.

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