More dealings with the pistil stitch

I almost forgot that I was still working on the pistil stitch. I had made so many trials on it that I was way ahead of my posts and have been concentrating on the Indian edging stitch. Here are some of the samples I did earlier in the week.

This started out as an “off grid” experiment and I was not too happy with it.


I tried taking it “on grid” and with some adjustments got something I was pleased with. The diamonds themselves are calling out to me for embellishment.


My apologies for some of these pictures. My setting seem to be off or something else is going wrong. I’ll have to look into that before I take any more photos.



As you can see I’ve been rather carried away by the idea that these pistil stitches have such a convenient place for threading.


I tried this idea out from a failed “off gird” sample.


And then tried threading it.


Many thanks to all of you who have expressed interest in Anne’s work and the Indian edging stitch in the past couple of weeks. It seems almost unbelievable the final weeks of SharonB‘s 2007  TSTC are upon us and we are about to turn a corner. I hope everyone is gearing up for her 2008 TIFC. If you haven’t considered and committed to joining, in please do think about it. There is still time. If I reap even half of the learning I’ve gained from TSTC, I will be extremely thankful.  I’m getting excited to see what the new year will hold. Many thanks for organizing these challenges for us, Sharon!


One Response to More dealings with the pistil stitch

  1. Vero says:

    You have been very inventive with the pistil stitch! Good job.

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