Anne Gailhbaud and the Indian edging stitch

I wanted to let you see Anne Gailhbaud‘s work with the Indian edging stitch. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this is much better than looking at my samples because you can see the stitch at work in a particular piece. Please note that unlike some of my usual posts you may click these top two photos to see a detailed photo of the work.

The first photo shows a broach Anne made. It is stitched on cloth and made very sturdy with the pin attached to the back. It is very beautiful and a small indication of what you will find in some of the necklaces that she does. The Indian edging stitch is at the top of the photo in peach thread just under the bead work that runs along the outer edge.


Anne has been able to work with the Indian edging stitch very well in following curves. So this stitch is not just for straight edges alone. In the photo directly above the stitch is on the left and above the coin in the yellow thread.

Anne does so many other kinds of work I wish I could show the great variety. These are perhaps decorations for the season.




Here is her knotted garden. It is a three dimensional embroidery but not, I think, in the same style as stump work.

Please excuse the quality of the photograph (click on photo to view details). The work itself is stunning but I have no scanner to capture the photograph more clearly. Anne has also perfected a way of embroidering on photographs. She does quilting and much more. If you haven’t visited her website, please do check on it to see more of her work. I also posted a few of her things in an earlier post last month.


One Response to Anne Gailhbaud and the Indian edging stitch

  1. Christine says:

    I’ve just re-discovered your blog, and I’m so impressed with your dedication to exploring Sharon’s TAST stitches. I tried this year, but I’ve made a hand-on-my-heart promise to do better next year with TIF, the scheduling should suit me better than a new stitch each week. I’m going to attempt to catch up though, and continue to blog that along with the TIF. Wish me luck, LOL!

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