Two tiny worlds and more

Today’s posting is really a crazy collection of this and that to do with the pistil stitch experiments I’ve been doing. I still have more pictures to edit. I’m so tired that I decided to break away from that task and post most of what is ready to go.

These are the two tiny worlds. The photographs make them much larger than actual size.



Below is an attempt a making rick rack. It turned out so badly that I decided I better try something using real rick rack. Two of those experiments follow.




A line


or two.


This is my crazy world–the photograph makes this sample much smaller than actual size. A good thing. I like something about the idea that I have in mind but the stitching didn’t match my expectations. I can’t decided if it’s worth pursuing.



One Response to Two tiny worlds and more

  1. Marty52 says:

    I love your tiny worlds… it makes you look at the stitches in a whole ‘nother way. Lovely!

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