Off grid with the pistil stitch

Today’s posts continues with “off grid” experiments with the pistil stitch. I still have only  two “on grid” experiments. But I have more “off grid” samples waiting behind today’s. I’m completely out of my school girl mood even when I can see some of the “off grid” work could benefit by the more formal trials. At the moment I blaming this on the fact this challenge is playing out, Christmas is coming soon and…

We’ll see what tomorrow holds. I better get to the samples at hand. These were really a lot of fun to do. I still need to perfect my knot. But I could hardly stitch fast enough to get all the ideas in felt before they melted away.



tstc49briver.png This for some reason is my favorite. The next one should have more potential if I will just be practical and patient enough to take it in that direction.




What I call my tiny world. It’s very small. This photo is larger than life.


One Response to Off grid with the pistil stitch

  1. JoWynn Johns says:

    Love the spikey spiral and tiny world. Just great. I’ve tagged you for a meme. I hope you don’t mind. This is the first one I’ve felt inclined to participate in.

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