Alternating knotted cable chain stitches

In the last few days I worked primarily on continuing trials with alternating knotted cable chain stitches. The results are not spectacular but have been good lessons. There are two other samples, including one “off grid”.

I’m not sure if you remember this sample from the last post in the photo below. Privately I was calling it my flat top alternate.


This is my fun with these lines.


If I called my experiments above flat top alternates these below should be called round top alternates.


Threading on two sizes of the alternates.


A different kind of trial is pictured below with the detached knotted cable chains stitched into the open area formed by the larger loop of the straight knotted cable chain.


“Off grid” Included are various trials here with distortions to the knotted cable chain stitches as well as detached stitches.



2 Responses to Alternating knotted cable chain stitches

  1. JoWynn Johns says:

    I especially like the little motifs you’ve worked with this stitch, and all the off-grid experiments. Anne’s stitch makes a lovely line. Could be a QC seam treatment. Thanks for the detailed demonstration.

  2. More inspired stitching!

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