Continuing work on the knotted cable chain

I have no special focus in this group of samples with the knotted cable chain stitch. But these are various trials that came up as I’ve continued working with the stitch this week.

Below I was considering possibilities for alternation without detaching the stitches.



I tried concentric circles. The Perle 5 didn’t photograph very well. But was fun to work and actually looks ok “in person”. I slipped the last knotted cable chain’s large loop under the beginning stitch of the first knotted cable chain to complete the circles more neatly.


The double looping that I’d  “off grid” wanted to try “on grid”. It adds more texture, I think.


Some beading with intertwined or interwoven chains. The darker thread is Perle 5, the lighter, Perle 8.



One Response to Continuing work on the knotted cable chain

  1. Karen says:

    I really like the flower. I will have to give it a try! Thanks for all the ideas you stitch for us each day.

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