The Indian edging stitch from Anne

Last week I mentioned the new stitch that Anne Gailhbaud taught me. I first saw it on a photograph of some embroidery she emailed me. Then I saw it on a piece of embroidery that she had sent me. She had many outstanding things on this embroidery like the detached flower petals and the center work in the flower. But I was fascinated with a stitch that formed the lower edge. And she taught me how to do it. While Anne hasn’t given the official approval of the step by step because she is away, she’s seen some of my stitching with it and given that the OK. And she encouraged me to go forward and post this.

Here is a step by step. Please keep in mind that I’ve used a very short thread to help make the needle’s movements more apparent. I’ve tried to make the pictures tell the story so it may seem long but the movements are very fast and for the most part you can move into the beginning of the next step as you are finishing off the previous one.






iestep3b.png iestep3backside.png (back side)




iestepbeginnewstitch.png Starting the next stitch.

Update: It just occurred to me that perhaps I should include a row of of finished stitching here.


I hope you enjoy this change of pace post. If anyone wishing to try this stitch is feeling lost because there is no text, please let me know and I will try to put some of the steps in words or answer any specific question.

If you know this stitch and work with it or a variation of it please let me know. Somewhere in the next few weeks I plan to take a post or two and show ways to vary this stitch and post examples of Anne’s use of it, too.

Thank you so much for teaching me, Anne. I’ve enjoyed learning this new-to-me stitch very much.


3 Responses to The Indian edging stitch from Anne

  1. tenar72 says:

    I have never seen this stitch before, but now I will print it and try it out. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. neki rivera says:

    i’m going to try this one! it looks within my skill range
    thanks for the clear picts.

    neki desu

  3. julie hocking says:

    Clear, lovely directions. Thanks.

    (You were referred by Sharon Boggins)

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