TSTC Week 48: The knotted cable chain

I remember working with the knotted cable chain stitch some time ago. So perhaps this will be an easy week for me with the TSTC experiments. SharonB has written a great step-by-step introduction to the stitch.

If you haven’t read her post yet please do. This post not only lays out this week TSTC stitch but also details Sharon’s 2008 challenge, Take it Further. Please do consider joining in, I think it will be even more inclusive than TSTC since Sharon will include visual journal pages as an acceptable format.

These are the samples from my work with the knotted cable chain stitch. I didn’t do too many experiments since I was just getting reacquainted with the stitch. Perhaps in the next few posts I’ll branch out a little more. My apologies for the poor quality of these photos. By the time I realized I should retake them it was too dark.

I tried whipping the stitch. I liked the one side experiment better once I saw the two sided whipping.



I also tried a more dense knotted cable stitch and then threaded it.


The above samples used a pima cotton. Look how delicate the stitch is with a Perle 8 below. I wasn’t sure if this thinner thread would work, but it was easy to stitch with and the work seems to be holding up ok. However, I may make smaller loops next time to stabilize it even more.


I also tried working with the Petite Very Velvet thread. It softens the knotted area and leaves the color.


In the experiments with Perle 5 I tried using two threads together.


My last experiment was detached knotted cable chain stitches. I wish I had beads that matched the thread for this. The bead store hours and my schedule have not meshed lately. I swung by Friday or Saturday and they were closed probably due to a holiday schedule.



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