Grids and the thorn stitch

It seems like a long time since I’ve done many grid patterns when experimenting with a stitch. For me the thorn stitch is perfect for exploring on a grid. I took advantage of it a few days ago and did the following samples.

tstc47fgrid1.png A mirror image with an overlap. Here, and in the last two samples below, I’m playing with the length between the tie downs on the straight stitches.



The two samples directly above are “on grid” (counted fabric/ground) experiments that came to mind due to some of the curves I stitched “off grid” (non-counted ground) earlier in the week.

tstc47fgrid2.png Here I think the distance between the tie downs got too long. But this pattern may easily be adjusted to shorten that length.



3 Responses to Grids and the thorn stitch

  1. All is interesting but chiefly for me the second picture with the tangle of threads; have you passed over 2 threads before separating them? It’s intriguing and so, I like it.
    are you always always thinking embroideries, problems and solutions?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you, Anne. I will spell this out in greater detail than perhaps you need since it may also answer a question someone else has.

    In that second sample the straight stitches are one fabric thread apart skip four fabric threads and repeat. The tie downs in the first row pictured join the straight stitches that are one fabric thread apart together. In the second row, three fabric threads down from the first row of tie downs, the tie downs separate those straight stitches that are one fabric thread apart and tie down together in the middle the straight stitches separated by four fabric threads. I hope some where in there is the answer to your question. Please let me know if I can make any thing clearer, I’d be happy to do it.

    The grid will really change appearance by playing with any one of these proportions. So if you like just try playing with it. I want to go back myself and try a mirror image of the first two rows and repeat.

  3. Karen B says:

    Hello Elizabeth,
    I have been motivated by SharonB’s posts to become a commenter instead of a “lurker”. Thank you for sharing your experiments with the various stitches for TAST. I am not at a place right now to be able to devote time to embroidery, but to be sure ,when that time comes, your work will be the inspiration for me to play.

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