Lines and circles with the thorn stitch

Many thanks to those of you who visited the post about Anne Gailhbaud and especially to those who left comments for her. I was delighted myself to be able to see her work up close.

I’m still in the midst of my experiments with the thorn stitch. I’m getting so spoiled since this stitch is so easy to work with. My only real challenge has been trying to use it with in a circular form.


I want to fill in the other half but can not find my green beads at the moment. It didn’t seem like anything else would work. This sample was freehand, no markings. But as you can see I must pull out a marking pen and templates next time.

As for lines, here is some of my “on grid” work.

tstc47dunevenlinevert.png Once I saw this single line, I had to try mirroring it.


tstc47dunevenaltvert.png I loved what Anne did with the interlacing of the thorns on her trees. It re-inspired me to try to work on that area a little more after my rather disastrous attempts with the sun earlier in the week.


The last two samples use ric-rac as the straight stitch line. I did take some liberties in piercing the ric-rac in the second sample, but the principle is the same.




2 Responses to Lines and circles with the thorn stitch

  1. The first picture looks like a paisley (I like paisley ; in France, we say “palme” or “Cachemire”, the indian name is “Goteh”) and I like also the idea of rick-rack with thorn.
    You are inventive, Elizabeth.
    Thanks to sharing your idea. ( for thepost of yesterday also and your visitors)

  2. Ati says:

    Fabulous ideas!!

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