Anne Gailhbaud

I have special thorn stitch samples for you today. These are stitched by Anne Gaihbaud. She has been reading SharonB‘s blog for years and recently started stitching some of the TSTC stitches that she wasn’t familiar with.



One of the benefits of blogging along with SharonB’s TSTC has been meeting other stitchers from around the world. Sometimes they are fellow bloggers, but not always. Anne Gailhbaud does not have a blog, but she has a website that shows some of her needlework, quilts and so forth. She says a blog must wait until she has more time. I suggested flickr, but “no” for the time being to that as well. As she says, she must preserve time for creating and connecting with her family and friends. She teaches French in France and is married to a doctor. They have four children most of whom are grown and out of the home.

Anne has recently sent me a packet of lovely things that she has done. Her grandmothers and great grandmother taught her to embroider. She says that her grandmothers were excellent embroiderers. Anne has made two quilts from their embroideries. She dyes fabric and thread as well as doing many handcrafts. I asked her if she would allow me post some of her needlework to give others the opportunity to enjoy them. She said yes. These are smaller more sample type works than appear on her website but the needlework may be seen more closely than those pieces. Unlike my usual photographs, please see the detailed view by clicking on them.




I would never have meet Anne except that she left a comment for me. Through this means, I have meet an number of very good stitchers who do not blog or use flickr. And unlike Anne they do not have a website. From the little work that I’ve seen, I sometimes think that some of the best and maybe the larger portion of the hand embroidery work that Sharon has helped facilitate through the TSTC may be that which is not showing up some place on-line. What do you think?

Perhaps what we see on-line is like seeing the tip of the iceberg. That is a very exciting thought to me. I wrote this up yesterday for Anne’s review and was just polishing it up when I clicked over to see Sharon’s new post reminding us that there are many people interested in and no doubt doing wonderful handwork. And that is only the portion that we may perceive because they are pursuing their interest on the internet.

Next week I will be posting about a new-to-me stitch that Anne has taught me. Anne, thank you very much for sharing your beautiful embroidery with me and for teaching me both just as I see the work you have done as well as more directly as is the case with this stitch.


3 Responses to Anne Gailhbaud

  1. Anne’s stitching is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Kate says:

    Thank you for sharing Anne’s photos. Her stitching is wonderful. I look forward to your experiments each day and the many things you come up with for each stitch.

  3. tenar72 says:

    Those are very beautiful, thanks to you and Anne for sharing! I love your blog, it is a great inspiration, and I admire your preseverance with it.

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