Going forward with thorn stitch experiments

These are my trials with the thorn stitch. It does seem ideal for making tree like structures as SharonB suggests in her post. I had fun pulling the couched thread out of the straight line look on some of today’s samples.


In some cases you will see that I’ve used a previous thorn as the straight stitch to add yet another thorn stitch. This increases the branching possibilities. Although I’ve used it very limitedly here, I’m sure others may be taking much larger advantage of this very adaptable stitch. The sample on the left I call my long leaning tree, on the right, my spring tree.

tstc47clongtree.png tstc47cspringtree.png Oops, I missed moving a stray thread out of the way.

Since the first of November I’ve been doing more with expanded and displaced squares. Out of that work I’d stitched all these green lines and then realized they would work for this week’s thorn stitch.



One Response to Going forward with thorn stitch experiments

  1. neki rivera says:

    as ever great samples. thanks for the link to Anne’s site and the picture. Lovely work!
    So much unknown talent out there!

    neki desu

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