TSTC Week 47: The thorn stitch

Yes, indeed, the thorn stitch that Sharon b has assigned for this week’s TSTC stitch is my idea of easier. Thank you, Sharon! After last week with the chain braid stitch that I still need to conquer, I’m looking forward to a lot of fun with this week’s sample stitching. Please see Sharon’s great introduction for a step-by-step and tips on this stitch.

And please note the lively discussion Sharon has going on in that same post about a new challenge for 2008. Please do take part in the discussion. This is not just for those who are involve in TSTC 2007. To me, this upcoming challenge looks like it could be geared to involve even more people than TaST. If you’re like me and need more time to sort out your thinking before commenting that’s fine. Just reading through the discussion is stimulating.

Now back to the thorn stitch. First I tried something “off grid”. I see now that I made a mistake in editing my photographs. This “off grid” work is more than thrice the length of the other stitch samples below it. I used a Perle 12 to couch chenille, two strands of a cooper-like thread and a 100/3 silk.


The other samples are “on grid” work. My main objective was to experiment with patterns.


tstc47aover1increasing.png I might try to embellish this further. It looks like an ideal candidate for beading or more decorative knots. What appears to be a blue thread is actually purple.



Because I think of this stitch as a specialized way of couching, my posts this week will be showing up under that category. I may change my mind when I’ve learned more, but that the plan at the moment.


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